Developing software for more than 30 years

Software development in the days of DOS (C:\>_) was very different to the way it is done today, yet, in a way, it is still really just the same…

A computer, be it a Back-end Server, a Windows Desktop machine, a Notebook, or a Smartphone, is really just an extension of the human being.

Although these devices appear to be incredibly efficient and clever, they are really just obedient servants. They are designed to take over the tasks that we would normally have spent hours doing manually.

So in the end, software development is about trying to understand human behaviour (sometimes illogical) and then using logic (a language) to describe to a computer how to behave – sometimes illogically.

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    “You see things; and you say Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say Why not?”

    ~ George Bernard Shaw


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