Capture Rect

Capture Rect (Snatch or Grab a section of your screen) is a tiny little utility that sits on the top-right of your screen – regardless of the current full-screen window.
A Click-Hold-Drag (Top-Left to Bottom-Right) leave a flashing rectangle. Let the mouse button go, and the section of the screen encompassed by the rectangle is captured to the clipboard for pasting somewhere else.

The image below show an example of part of a Facebook page with the Rectangle selected. The next image is of the captured section (pasted from the clipboard). This Utility works well with the Catch Clipboard Utility

Facebook page with selection
The captured selection
(Click link to download the ZIP File)

Unzip the folder to a location of your choice. Right-click on the “CatchRect.exe” File and Copy to Desktop (create shortcut), and if you want, drag it onto the Taskbar (pin it) for easy access.

Please Note: You may get a message that this file could be dangerous. This Program is not harmful to your computer.

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