Phone 2 PC

Phone 2 PC is a Windows Application to display your phone on your PC’s Monitor.

Phone 2 PC is by far the fastest (Real-time) Casting software, far surpassing the commercially available software in both speed and resolution. One can also use the PC’s mouse and keyboard and the user’s actions are immediately mirrored on the phone.

This software is Ideal for App presentation and for Phone Games to be played on a big screen. The PC Screen can be rotated to Portrait Display if need be.

 Phone 2 PC.pdf
(Click link to download the PDF File)
(Click link to download the ZIP File)

Unzip the folder to a location of your choice. You can double-click the ZIP file to open it, and just Drag the contained folder “Phone2PCInstall” to a location of your choice (Your Desktop is fine). Open the Install Folder and Run the FigmentsInstaller.exe Program.

Open the “Phone2PC.FIP Install Package
Click the Install Button to Proceed with the Installation of Phone 2 PC Casting App.

Please Note: You may get messages that this file could be dangerous. This Program is not harmful to your computer.

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