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The QR Code Generator Windows Application is a complementary program to the QR Invoicing Android App. It generates QR Codes in various layouts, which can be Exclusively read by the QR Invoicing App for either Stock Capture, or to adding Items to a Quotation or Invoice.

It also serves as a Semi Back-end to the QR Invoicing as it can Import the Data Exported by the QR Invoicing App.

Let me create a scenario. A business has three sales people. Each one of them has the QR Invoicing App on their phone, They each do their own sales and at the end of the day or week, export their Documents (Quotations, Invoices Customers etc.), and email the Exported *.CSV files to a central office. The data (these *.CSV Files) are imported into the QR Invoicing Reconciliation Module of QR Code Generator for Consolidation and Analysis.

Please be aware that this software is still in an early Beta phase and some features and functionality still needs to be implemented and fine-tuned.

The QR Code Generator Module
The QR Code Database
The QR Code File Viewer
QR Code Repeat Module
Generated Report (Same Repeated for Labeling Stock

The QR Invoicing Reconciliation / Consolidation / Analysis Module

QRI Invoicing Module

The QR Invoicing Android App is available from from “Software (Android)” Menu, or Click Icon to go there ->

(Click link to download the Complete ZIP File – Includes the Database and Reports)

Updated “QRBCGenerator.exe” file only (use this link if you already have the Database and Report Files)

Unzip the Contained folder to a location of your choice. Right-click on the “QRBCGenerator.exe” [NOT YET] File and Copy to Desktop (create shortcut), and if you want, drag the Shortcut onto the Taskbar (pin it) for easy access.

Please Note: You may get a message that this file could be dangerous. This Program is not harmful to your computer.

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